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The Diamond Works

The Diamond Works Institute established in 2001, a true South African diamond expert.
A flagship operating facility based in the heart of Cape Town providing a glimpse into the processing of diamonds and jewellery through onsite demonstration.

Dedicated to standard excellence, The Diamond Works specialises in the highest quality diamonds and tanzanites in Southern Africa. Sharing the world and story of South African natural treasures is a unique experience and is offered through our signature Sparkling Tour.

For years diamonds have been coveted and have gained a reputation for pioneering an entire industry; putting Africa on the map for the highest quality diamonds in the world. But in 1967, the gem industry saw the birth of something new – Tanzanite.

Transparency in understanding the journey process of gem and metal sourcing, grading and manufacturing reassuring you in making an educated purchase and while inviting you to play a vital part in the creation of your very own unique piece. The tailored design service allows you to design a bespoke jewellery piece; print a CAD generated wax replica and then have a skilled goldsmith manufacture your inspired original creation. The 814 sqm showroom leads diamond experience within South Africa and offers curious guests the best premium diamonds and tanzanite in the world.

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