Fayrouz Holliday

Fayrouz Holliday-October is the owner & chief vision officer for Halaal Hopper Travel and Taste Experiences based on the Cape Flats. Halaal Hopper caters to the needs of the Muslim traveller and also welcomes travellers from other religions to experience authentic Cape Malay cuisine and enjoy a rich cultural experience. With 25 years of experience in travel & tourism, Fayrouz views herself as an ambassador of South Africa, especially in the Halaal Tourism space and gives back to the sector by sharing her experience, knowledge, skills, love and passion for tourism with other service providers. In her personal time, you will find Fayrouz reading her Quran, podcasting with her dad or working on her cookbook!


How did you get started in the tourism sector?

In 1995, I took my cabin crew friends from Malaysia Airlines to different places and spaces just for fun. Then it dawned on me to get accredited, take the bull by the horns and derive an income from my passion. I faced some difficulties as a Muslim female. My bandanna, and then my hijab became an eyebrow-raiser. Once my guests were comfortable it became a topic of conversation and lifelong learning experiences. As time went on, my guests would ask me to also do scarf styling for them, which I thought was pretty awesome. Believe it or not, my first tour was a Golf tour with guests from Germany and between you and me, I know nothing about golf! Needless to say, my dad and the internet saved the day!


What is your advice for women starting out in the tourism sector? 

Tourism is not about making a quick buck.  A great amount of time is spent missing family events especially if you’re a Tourist Guide. Ask for assistance. Volunteer. Explore to find your WOW factor, once you find it, do it no matter what the obstacles.


What are your top-3 must-do activities when visiting or exploring the Western Cape?

I would say visiting Table Mountain and exploring the rise of Islam at the Cape. The journey would not be complete without a Koesiester & Porring Safari, travelling the areas of Athlone and Bo Kaap and enjoying a doughnut with a difference spiced up with cinnamon, cardamom, aniseed, mixed spice, ginger and a dash of dried lemon peel. Porring is a Cape Malay style oven-baked potato pudding served with stewed fruit.


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