Lizelle Bailey

Lizelle is a vibrant tourist guide and tour operator operating in Cape Town and the Western Cape for more than 10 years. She is the co-owner of BaileyZA Exclusive Tours & Travels and has a great passion for people. She thrives on creating experiences as well as educating visitors about her beautiful country. A mother of two daughters, she believes deeply in empowering women, making them see their worth and that they too can be great players in the industry and beyond. We sat down with Lizelle to learn more about her journey.


How did you get started in the tourism sector?

I worked in a government organisation for 14 years and hated that I had to sit in one spot for eight hours a day while being surrounded by all the beauty on the outside of my office space. My colleagues always said that I was in the wrong place and that I should spread my wings beyond the four office walls. I had a friend that had just become a tourist guide and I was mesmerised by the stories he would tell of his tours and the different people he met along the way. This piqued my interest! And the rest, as they say…is history! There were many adversities along the way, but hard work and perseverance are key.


What is your advice for women starting out in the tourism sector? 

Tourism is about building relationships. Trust and integrity are an integral part of this profession. Network, network network. Joining key organisations will help you meet the right people for your business.


What are your top-3 must-do activities when visiting or exploring the Western Cape?

Cape Peninsula for the beauty that surrounds us, the Cape Winelands for our exquisite award-winning wines and the Garden Route, the name speaks for itself!


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